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    Reza Restu

    New Removal Tools

    The ever increasing connectivity to the Internet has largely translated into various benefits for users, but also a higher exposure to online threats, such as trojans, viruses, worms, and other types of malware. Software engineers have, however, been vigilant and multiple removal or protection tools have been created to address these issues. W32.Blaster Worm Remover is an application of the former type, i.e. a removal tool that specifically targets the W32.Blaster Worm.

    Remove the W32.Blaster Worm blended threat

    It should be noted that this is not a generic threat removal tool, and it will only work with W32.Blaster Worm. The malware is a boundary condition error-class blended threat, combining features from worms, viruses or trojans, which targets Windows XP systems and upwards, as well as Cisco servers.

    The threat takes advantage of the DCOM RPC (Remote Procedure Call) interface buffer overrun vulnerability, essentially retrieving ‘msblast.exe’ and employing it in the infected host to scan and attack other computers. While Microsoft has released patches protecting against this threat, removal tools have to be employed to clean the system thoroughly.

    Review By Mircea Saveanu [Softpedia Team]
    More info of This Application Click Here!

    to be active at startup, W32. Blaster makes Registry following:

    Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “decom remover”

    and also create a file below

    Screen Shoot

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