Disable Windows AutoRun to Prevent Shortcut Virus from Flashdrives 1


Please follow the instructions below. This will help you prevent any pesky shorcut virus from entering your computer or laptop.

Step 1 : Download this zip file first : Click here
Step 2 : Extract the downloaded zip file.
Step 3: After extracting, you can see 4 registry files, Double Click the 3 registry files namely ‘Disable Autorun for All Drives_HKCU’, ‘Disable Autorun for All Drives_HKLM’ and ‘Disable Autorun_Sys’.
Step 4 : Restart desktop or laptop to apply changes.

This is the safest way to prevent shortcut virus or any flashdrive viruses in infecting your PC, laptop of flashdrives. This applies to Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and later versions.

Note 1
If you want to revert the autorun/autoplay, double clik the ‘Restore Default Autorun Functionality’ registry file.

Note 2
This procedure can’t guarantee the total security for your desktop or laptop. It is intended for removable drive security only.

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One thought on “Disable Windows AutoRun to Prevent Shortcut Virus from Flashdrives

  • RRAV Software
    Disabling autorun in windows is very important because it prevents shortcut viruses from spreading. So be sure to follow the instructions given above. :)